Ludum Dare 45

Ludum Dare 45

Ludum Dare is finally here, and this time, I'm in!

Hey guys!

It’s been 4 years since I’ve last entered a game jam! Ludum Dare 29 - 34 had game after game from me.

Then school took away my time…. 😔

Until now! Highschool’s finally over! 😄

I’ve spent the July/August holidays learning, and have made this website. A great improvement from the click and drag website I made back when I was 14.

Thus, I finally have somewhere to host all the multiplayer games I hope and dream of making. 😛

But, there’s only one problem… flash is dying! 😪

Inevitably, I soon learned and adopted Javascript and HTML5 canvas, as it was very similar to ActionScript2.0; so I began working on my own game engine, which includes:

  • my fully functioning and resizable/scaleable canvas panel
  • my own audio system
  • my own Highscore API (for users with accounts on my website)

So...Ludum Dare?

Yes! I’m excited and ready to finally participate in Ludum Dare once again! I’m in!

Additionally, I'll be teaming up with AXLplosion! He will be creating all the art for the game. 😃

tools tools TOOLS:

  • Software/Engine: Pure Javascript + HTML5 Canvas (I want to learn another engine but haven’t gotten there yet. Maybe Unity? Haxe?)
  • Sprites/Art: @AXLplosion
  • Sound effects: SFXR/BFXR/JFXR: (Very, very, basic sound effects)
  • Game Music: LMMS/FL Studio/Bosca Ceiol/PixiTrack: I’m probably going to download free music and sound effects (if I use music at all) 🤣


I don't know the outcome and what to expect, but I plan on streaming the process.

Be sure to follow me on Twitch and turn on notifications so you get alerted when I go live.